Bed Sheet Fundraisers

Raise Money with Bed Sheet Fundraisers

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Bed Sheet Fundraisers!

We we’re founded with the sole purpose of helping organizations such as schools, teams, churches, non-profits, community groups, clubs and other organizations promote the betterment of their community, organization, or cause by offering supporters luxurious, high quality, in-demand products that everybody needs at affordable prices.

How do we do this?

By selling Bed Sheets!

Luxx Linens™ is a bed sheet fundraising company supplying a simple, profitable business model and a superior quality product that’s used in every household every single day (or night).

While everybody else is selling things that consumers get inundated with or items most people don’t need…and raising very little in funds for their effort – you and your organization can make more profit on fewer sales selling “something new” that is found in every house you pass!

Our bed sheet fundraisers cater to any organization looking to run a fundraiser.  You generate good-will with your supporters by selling them quality products they will use and love…and your organization enjoys unsurpassed PROFITS ON EACH SALE!

Why Should Your Organization Have A Luxx Linens™ Bed Sheet Fundraiser?

  • It’s a fun, simple fundraising program selling high quality products that everybody needs at an affordable price
  • There are no minimums, no upfront purchases, and no contracts
  • We supply you all the marketing materials and tools you need to run an effective fundraising campaign
  • Our products are backed by our 100% Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • You make MORE MONEY ON FEWER SALES than with other items (regardless of how many sets of sheets you sell, you make up to $22 for each set sold).
  • Luxx Linens™ is the only Bed Sheet Fundraiser where you get your own fully functional e-Commerce Bed Sheet Fundraiser Page that allows you and your supporters to share your fundraiser through social media and take orders online. THIS ALONE CAN INCREASE YOUR ORGANIZATION’S SALES BY 50% TO 100% OR MORE SIMPLY BY MAKING YOUR FUNDRAISER “SOCIAL” AND REACHING A “DIGITAL COMMUNITY” THAT MAY NOT PURCHASE OTHERWISE.


Whether you’re a longstanding organization looking for something new, or a new organization looking to have your first fundraiser, Luxx Linens™ is your key to Fundraising Success!