Luxx Linens™ was founded to help organizations like schools, teams, clubs, churches and other non-profits organize simple, fun and profitable fundraising events while offering high quality, in-demand products at affordable prices that provide big margins for the organization.

While everybody else is selling things that consumers get inundated with, most people don’t need…and making low margins – you and your organization can make more profit on far fewer sales while selling “something new” that everybody needs.

The team at Luxx Linens™ has discovered that solution and now we’re bringing it to you!

Why Bed Sheet Fundraisers?

  • It’s a simple fundraising program selling high quality products that everybody needs at an affordable price
  • There are no minimum purchases, no upfront purchases, and no contracts
  • Excellent customer service
  • Products are backed by Manufacturer’s 100% Warranty

How Did We Come Up With The Idea For Selling Bed Sheets for Fundraising?


With a household that includes 4 school age kids that are actively involved in youth activities, sports, community organizations, and more – we were ALWAYS participating in fundraisers for something, and ALWAYS selling the same repetitive (and usually worthless) things to the same people.

We wanted something else….

So we went to work searching for a solution…and we found it… Bed Sheet Fundraising!

And now, after running several fundraisers with bed sheets for organizations we’re involved with, and a few for friends and family, having raised tens of thousands of dollars – we’ve perfected the perfect “Bed Sheet Fundraising Model” and have the system and procedures down to a science.  We can even take your customer’s orders on our website, and you get credit for the sale!

But probably the best part is – you don’t have to sell bed sheets – THEY SELL THEMSELVES!

People are so relieved when they see they can actually purchase something they need and use everyday that is high quality, provides value and is cost effective, they can’t wait to order!

So whether you’re a longstanding organization looking for something new, or a new organization looking to have your first fundraiser, Luxx Linens™ is your key to fundraising success!

To register to have a Bed Sheet Fundraiser for your organization, simply click the button below or call us at 1-855-980-LUXX (5899).