Fundraising Tips – The Follow-Up

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thanks-youThe key to continued fundraising success is to follow-up afterwards: Supporters and participants need to be thanked.

Merchant contributors need to be debriefed on their results from participating. Records need to be gathered, copied, and stored.

Communicate the results to everyone involved.

Informing everyone who took part in your most recent fundraising is of utmost importance. Nothing charges up your organization for the future better than a group celebration.

Give recognition to your volunteers.

Enjoy the sound of “We did it!

Conduct an analysis of the fundraiser you just completed.

Gather information and record impressions while everything is still fresh. Make notes about supplier relationships, any process problems, and what aspects need fine-tuning for the next time around.

Gather those recommendations for future fundraisers.

Brainstorm with your team and write down all the possible ways to improve. Circulate a written evaluation form to gather multiple viewpoints for the permanent file.

Make plans for your next fundraiser while everyone is still excited from this success.

Create a strategy to increase the number of volunteers and participants.  Plan to promote those who excelled this time around to positions with more authority next time..

Ask your merchant supporters what you could do better.

In the long run, it’s important for them to help you even more.  Now is a good time to ask them for increased participation during your next big drive.

Review all records for completeness.

Work up a statistical analysis to establish benchmarks so you can compare this fundraisers to others in the past and those to come in the future.  Doing so will help you determine over the long-haul what is most productive for your organization.  

Share your fundraising results on your website and social media accounts.  Your supporters and participants want to know how you did.  

Let everyone see how well you did, and try to include multiple pictures of your team in action. When describing your success, be a shameless name-dropper. Everyone likes to be thanked publicly.

Most importantly, put the funds you’ve raised to good use.

Your fundraising follow-up is the foundation for your future success. Don’t give this area short shrift. Pave the way for even better results next time.




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